Oak Mountain State Park

Horse Trails



Oak Mountain State Park is currently home to approximately 25 miles of horseback riding trails, with more being added continuously! Some of the trails travel along the edge of the lake, some are in the valley's lush hardwood forest, and others travel the pine studded ridges. There is a trail for everyone to love!


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The Orange Trail is known as the Horse Trail and is approximately 15 miles long. One portion of the trail begins at the stables (located on John Findley Drive) and winds around through the woods to end back at the stables. A second starting point can be found along John Findley Drive about a 1/2 mile past Terrace Drive on the left hand side of the road. This is the Camp Road Loop. Parking for horse trailers is on the left of the road and the entrance to the trail is on the right coming from the Front Gate. The Orange Trail is for horses, NO mountain bike traffic allowed. Hikers can hike on Horse Trails.