Oak Mountain State Park

Treetop Interpretive Nature Trail and Boardwalk

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Treetop Interpretive Nature Trail and Boardwalk


The Treetop Interpretive Nature Trail 

Made possible by our incredible partners at Legacy Environmental, you can now learn all about your park through a project called "Sharing Oak Mountain: Getting To Know Your Park Through Interpretive Signage!" These signs are found along the Treetop Interpretive Nature Trail where you can learn interesting things such as how to be a better birder, the park's amazing geology, why waterways are important, and more! 


Treetop Nature Trail Boardwalk

Adjacent to the Treetop Interpretive Nature Trail, is the Treetop Nature Trail Boardwalk with 6 enclosures that house 12 non-releasable birds of prey! These birds are cared for by the Alabama Wildlife Center. Bird species include owls, hawks, and vultures! 


The Treetop Interpretive Nature Trail and the Treetop Boardwalk are located in our day-use area. This trail begins across from the Beach Access Parking lot and ends at the Oak Mountain Interpretive Center and the Alabama Wildlife Center. This trail is considered beginner level and is approximately 0.5 miles one way.