Cheaha State Park

Picnic Areas

Cheaha Lake Picnic Area

Spread a blanket in the field near Cheaha Lake, or claim a picnic table near the highest point by Bunker Tower.  Cheaha State Park has a "mountain" of reasons to enjoy a picnic with your family!

The Leave No Trace/Bigfoot Trail is located on top of the mountain near the CCC Observation Tower. There are several tables near the playground and the Bunker Observation Tower. Many people enjoy a picnic on the rocks by the playground.

The picnic area at Cheaha Lake offers lots of fun for the entire family.  There is swimming, fishing, a playground, and a walking trail to go along with your picnic!


Reserving a Pavilion for a special event

We have four picnic pavilions that you can reserve for your group by calling 256-750-2184 or emailing  

  • Two pavilions are in the upper part of the Park close to a playground, the upper primitive campgrounds, and Bunker Tower.  One of these two is made of stone (Redbud Pavilion) and one is made of wood (Dogwood Pavilion).  They are fairly close to each other, and are close to public bathrooms.
  • Two other pavilions are in the lower part of the Park close to Cheaha Lake, the Interpretive Center, and to group campsites.  These are the ones you are interested in.  They are Azalea Pavilion (made of wood) and Laurel Pavilion (made of stone).  The Laurel Pavilion is directly adjacent to the group camping area, and walking distance to a playground and public restrooms at the Interpretive Center.  The Azalea is directly adjacent to a playground, and closer to public restrooms at the Interpretive Center.

Pavilion rentals are from 8:00 a.m. - Sundown, and prices range from $69 to $115. Prices do not include taxes/fees, and do not include Park Admission for your guests.

Some things to note for pavilion rentals:

  • No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed 
  • Maximum occupancy for the pavilions are 50 guests
  • Pavilion rentals are nonrefundable.
  • Please do not tape, tack, staple, nail anything to the pavilions. You can use zip ties and string of any kind.
  • Please do not use glitter, chalk, or confetti, as this will result in a cleaning fee
  • No open flames allowed, nor helium balloons


If your child loves nature, Cheaha is the perfect place for your next birthday celebration.