Lake Guntersville State Park

Multi-use Trails

Lake Guntersville State Park Bikers

Photo Credit: Dana Dobbins Photography

Pictured: Some of our most valuable trail volunteers from the Mountain Lakes Cycling Club.


Since the opening of the first state parks in Alabama, trails have been a fundamental part of the park system’s mission to provide and maintain outdoor recreational opportunities. In addition to promoting a variety of health benefits, one of the best ways to protect and preserve state parks is to have visitors engaging with the trails. Recently, State Parks announced the revitalization of its trail program under the leadership of a newly appointed Trail Coordinator. The Dirt Pass will help fund that revitalization of trails in the Alabama State Parks. By doing so, it will benefit hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers, horseback riders, and Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts (in select locations).


The Alabama State Parks provide several parks that feature great trail systems that are managed by mountain biking organizations. Visit the mountain biking section to learn more about these opportunities. 


Lake Guntersville State Park has over 36 miles of hiking, biking, and horse trails among 6,000 acres of wooded land in and around the park. The park is always looking for assistance as anyone can be a sponsor of our trails by participating in our Dirt Pass Trail Crew Program or becoming a trail volunteer.


For more information contact us at (256) 571-5440, or learn more about the Dirt Pass Trail Crew Program