Cheaha State Park

Yoga with Alex: Happy Mind, Happy Feet

Event Dates:
May 27, 2023, 10:00 am
May 27, 2023, 11:00 am
Yoga with Alex

Happy Feet, Happy Mind: Vista Event Center, 10-11am

Only $15pp (day guests) and only $10 (overnight guests)

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Let's get ready to hit the trails at Cheaha! Happy Feet, Happy Mind will bring in the physical and mental aspects of yoga and hiking. Get ready to cross a stream or jump from rock to rock by improving your balance and increasing your hip and ankle mobility. This will allow you to reduce the risk of injury while on the trails today. Bring your awareness to muscle engagement throughout class to build muscle strength so the trails seem easier to navigate or you feel empowered to take the longer trail. Like hiking, yoga allows you to be present in the moment which in turn brings in physical and mental benefits. Hike for longer by reducing your risk of injury or by increasing stamina. Pause for moments on the trail to soak it all in by breathing in the fresh air or observing nature around you. Now, let's hit those trails running...or walking!

All yoga classes are geared towards hikers and yoga practitioners of all levels. Beginners Welcome! Bring your mat (or towel) and join us! A few extra mats are available, and you can reserve one at registration.