Desoto State Park

Fly Fishing

DSP Fly Fishing in Little River
DSP Fly Fishing in Little River
DSP Fly Fishing in Little River
DSP Fly Fishing in Little River
DSP Fly Fishing in Little River
DSP Fly Fishing in Little River
DSP Fly Fishing in Little River

Fishing with spinning rod and bait casters is possible on Little River in DeSoto State Park, but the river is most suited for Fly Fishing!

Fly Fishing Story Map

When to Fly Fish

Spring – as the waters warm fish activity grows

Summer – Red eye bass and bluegill action is best

Fall – cooler temps begin to wind the fish down but fishing is still good

Winter – cold temps and high water make fishing a challenge


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Where to Fly Fish

DeSoto Falls -   DeSoto Falls, near Mentone, Alabama, is one of the most picturesque areas in Alabama.  The old hydro-electric dam, creates about two miles of still water.  You can fish from the bank or put a kayak or canoe, and paddle upstream, fishing along the way.  

This area is open year round from sun up to sun down.  Some fish include largemouth bass and a variety of pan fish.

DeSoto State Park – The West Fork of Little River provides some the most beautiful fly fishing opportunities in North Alabama.  The crystal clear mountain river can be accessed on the yellow trail, which is a section the DeSoto Scout Trail.  Red-eye bass and a variety of pan fish can be caught on traditional dry flies and poppers during the spring, summer, and fall months.  Tight quarters require lots of roll casting.

DeSoto Scout Trail - After leaving the State Park boundaries on then yellow trail, you enter Little River Canyon National Preserve, the trail, also known as the DeSoto Scout Trail, winds through some extraordinary backcountry areas.  Access to the DeSoto Scout Trail can be from the Gilliam Trailhead in DeSoto State Park or from WMA Road 5 inside Little River Wildlife Management Area.

Little River Management Area - Within the boundaries of Little River Canyon National Preserve is Little River Management Area, which offers backcountry roads where Little River can be accessed with plenty of long, wadeable runs, perfect for the fly rod.

Little River Canyon National Preserve - Hiking into Little River Canyon can tax the most athletic, but the view from the bottom is always worth the hike in……and out. Little River Canyon National Preserve has made improvements to the canyon and offers a few trails leading to the bottom.

Canyon Mouth Park – LRC National Preserve – $3 per vehicle entrance fee, Canyon Mouth Park offer access to Little River.  Barbecue grills, picnic tables, restrooms, pavilion available

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